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Trends & Market Danamics
On the morning of September 7, 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan, suggesting that China and Central Asia join hands to build a “Silk Road Economic Belt” to boost cooperation. Now, debates about this initiative have ended, replaced by the strategic planning and implementation. The countries along the “One Belt and One Road” are densely populated, which are different from China in the economic development. These dissimilarities are the opportunities for petroleum and chemical enterprises.
? How should enterprises join the strategy of “One Belt and One Road”, make early planning and seize the opportunities to expand new space for further development?
? Learn about the development of the chemical and logistic industries and strategic influences in China during the 13th Five-year Plan Period
? Opportunities and challenges faced by producers and logistic service providers of chemical industry under the strategy of “One Belt and One Road”
? SWOT analysis of China’s chemical supply chain management
? The status quo, tendency and structural changes of Asian chemical industry market (import and export, capacity and supply & demand analysis), as well as the impacts on the supply chain

“Internet Plus ”Chemical Supply Chain (Integration, renovation and reshaping):
Nobody can prevent us from moving forward on the path of “Internet Plus” except ourselves.
In 2015, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to formulate the “Internet Plus” Action Plan in the Government Work Report, stressing the importance of integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, Big Data, Internet of Things with modern industries to promote industrial development. The blending of the Internet and traditional industries is profoundly changing the organizational pattern of industries, traditional production methods, commercial modes for enterprise business, internal enterprise management methods as well as the model innovation of enterprise supply chain. “Internet Plus” not only enormously influences the commercial mode, but will also have far-reaching effects on the strategic management, management system, organizational structure, human resources and supply chain system.
? How should the “Internet Plus” strategies be combined with enterprise supply chain and logistics to improve operation efficiency, create value networks, reduce logistics transportation costs and provide better services to customers?
? What does the future hold? What can we expect? Which technologies will redefine the supply chain and logistics mode of enterprises?
? Collection, transformation, analysis and application of big data. What does big data mean? Why should the supply chain leader care?
? Opportunities and challenges for cloud computing in logistics management.

Drive Supply Chain Excellence:
Today supply chain managers across the global chemical industry, while operating in a very difficult economic environment, need to respond to important sustainability challenges in the supply chain. Chemical Supply Chain are global and often complex and uncertain ,in today’s economically volatile and uncertain world ,supply chains are influenced by a wide range of factors including :
? Increasing customer service demands regardless of geography or degree of difficulty
? Globalization
? Movements to less well established markets with less well developed infrastructure and administrative process
? Volatility in economic climate
? Fluctuations in fuel cost
? Demand for more sustainable solutions driven by customer and /or regulatory pressure.
? Mergers and acquisitions across the supply chain
? Increasing number of specialities
? Harzardous goods, commercial regulations and global trade management

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2016 agenda will mainly focus on but not limited to :

Asian Chemical Market Outlook and Influences on Chemical Supply Chains
Policy Update and Trends on Hazardous Chemical Transportation and Import & Export
China Chemical Logistics Market Analysis & Development Trends (Understand Status Quo of Chemical Logistics& Warehouse Markets in China)
Logistics Innovation on Service and Technology (Understand if any applied technology in logistics management and supply chain technology trends. )
Segmentation and Service Strategies: How to Serve Unique Customer Segments Differently
Case studies from the top industry leaders on how to enhance business excellence through continuous improvement, leveraging supply chain sustainability to identify new efficiency savings opportunities.
Supply Chain Network Design and Optimization In China & The Rest of Asia
How Global Companies Can Integrate Their Asia Business Process, Systems and Organization
Developing Supply Chain Talent in Chemical Sector (Your Supply Chain Talent Strategy)
Chemical Supply Chain Risk Management (Supply Chain Sustainability)
Chemical Supply Chain Management In Emerging Markets (Your supply chain strategy in China, India and other Emerging markets in Asia)
Hear from innovative thought leaders on how to collaborate more effectively with suppliers to deliver additional value and innovation whilst minimising costs
Learn how to optimise transportation strategies to deliver maximum business benefit and navigate increasing complexities to reach the optimal logistics network design
The B2B Supply Chain Revolution in the Age of Internet
Embracing Big Data in Chemical Supply Chains
Innovation: How to Be Innovative in the Supply Chain and How To Use That Innovation to Serve Customers and The Business
How to Make Procurement/SCM a Value Contributor in Current Economic Environment
China Customs Challenges and Opportunities
Supply Chain Visibility

Attend ACSCES2016 to

ADVANCE your knowledge with best practices to create more sustainable, resilient, strategic, and value-driven supply chains.
ADVANCE your career by networking with professionals who are shaping the future of supply chain and operations management.
ADVANCE your company by gaining innovative solutions and applying them in your organization.

Take a look at the 2015 AGENDA to find out more about the topics that were covered

Interested in speaking at this summit? Email to Johnson.leung@yipevents.com
2016 Series Speakers
Robin Li
Asia Supply Chain Director
Kevin M. Land
Vice President Global Solutions
Odyssey Logistics
Martin Lockstrom
APAC Head of Purchasing Excellence
Nancy Shao
Supply Chain Director, BU Masterbatches Greater China
Stephan Sielaff
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Jessica Bo
Regional Supply Chain Director, Asia Pacific
Makarand Inamdar
Management and Business Consultant
Reliance Industries
Reginald J. R. Lee
President, Asia Tank Container Organization
Hoo Ching Dew
Vice President, Business Development Solutions Asia Pacific
BDP International
Don Wirth
Retired Vice President – Global Operations, Corporate Supply Chains and COE
Patrick Westkamp
Asia Supply Chain Director
Nina Yan
Asia Supply Chain Director
Eastman Chemical Company
XueQing Fan
Section Chief
Pudong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
Mark Tarrant
Global Supply Chain Center of Excellence - Asia Head
Frank Werner Muller
AsstrA Associated Traffic AG
Justin Barrow
General Manager-Damco West China
Quang Tran
Director,Group Sourcing Asia Pacific
Daniel Starta
Managing Director and Partner
A.T. Kearney Greater China
Johnny Browaeys
Strategic Partnerships Director
Ee-Foong Ewe
Vice President, Asia
Lora Cecere
Supply Chain Insights
Jens Kaatze
Senior Vice President,Product Management
Joerg Schevemann
Vice President-Head of Supply Chain, Portfolio and Pricing Management
Michael Liesfeldt
VP - Global Supply Chain Management
Carey He
China Supply Chain Operation Director
Dow Chemical
2015 Series Speakers
Robert Blackburn
President, Supply Chain Operations & Information Services
Bart Loodts
Asia Supply Chain Director
Air Products and Chemicals
Carey He
China Supply Chain Operation Director
Dow Chemical
Patrick Sion
Vice President, Procurement
Bayer MaterialScience
Guangwu Kou
Executive vice president chief financial administrator and secretary of the board of director
Wanhua Chemical Group
Dick Bartelse
Member of the Powder Coatings Management Team Global Purchasing Director
Don Wirth
Vice President, Supply Chain
Mark Tarrant
Global Supply Chain Center of Excellence - Asia Head
Makarand Inamdar
General Manager-Supply Chain
Reliance Industries Limited
Sukumar Narasimhan
Sr. Vice President Supply Chain
Reliance Industries Limited
Wolfgang Laures
Executive Vice President Global Supply Chain
Perstorp Group
Michael McCool
A.T. Kearney Limited
Zhang Guoming
Deputy General Manager President
Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Company (HCLS)
Dr.-Ing. Frank Jenner
Managing Partner Advisory Services – Strategy & Operations
Ernst & Young
David A. Demers
Distinguished Faculty Associate in Supply Chain and Technology, Smeal School of Business
Pennsylvania State University
Jerry Zhang
Supply Chain Director
AkzoNobel Decorative Paints China and North Asia
Kevin M. Land
Vice President,Global Solutions
ODYSSEY Logistics & Technology Corporation
Ralph Armbrust
Head of Supply Chain Management Asia High Performance Elastomers
LANXESS Chemical
Jonathan Zhang
Director Supply Chain Management Strategy & Operations
Deloitte Consulting China
Min Tang
Chief Analyst – Energy & Chemical
Chen Zhengcai
Senior Engineer and Director
Bureau of Waterway Transportation in Ministry of Transport of China

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