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Energy internet is becoming one of the hottest topics. During the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015, President Xi Jinping proposed a discussion on establishing a global energy internet to facilitate efforts to meet global power demand with clean and green alternatives. On February 2016, three departments (the National Development and Reform Commission, National Energy Administration, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of thePeople's Republic of China) have promulgated the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of "Internet Plus" Smart Energy (the "Opinions"). On the other hand, Global EnergyInterconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) isinitiated by State Grid Corporation of China, joint related enterprises, organizations, institutions andothers voluntarily on March 2016. Liu Zhenya, Former Chairman of State Grid Corporation of China was elected as the president of GEIDCO.He is pushing to build a global energynetwork and received a strong response.

Establishing global energy internet will provide unprecedented developmental opportunities, and kinds of types enterprises intend to enter this area. According to reports, energy internet will maintain the growth rate of 18.5% during the "Thirteenth Five Year Plan" (2016-2020), which will be one of the most powerful engines for development as China's economy has entered a period of new normal.

Based on above, the Energy Internet Development Forum 2017 will be hold on 29-30, June 2016 in Shanghai, aimed to providing a good learning and networking platform for industry peers to discuss the new challenges and opportunities. The participants will mainly come from power grids, energy producing companies, energy storage companies, energy transmission companies, energy consumer technology companies, and smart energy solution/technology providers. Others will come from government, organizations, institutions and universities.

If you would like to attend or sponsor our forum, please feel free to call / email us to reserve your seats ASAP!

Thanks again for your attention and looking forward to your participation!

----Organizing Committee of Energy Internet Development Forum 2017

DAY 1 Morning
0730 Registration
0850 Conference Chair Opening Remark

Energy Development "Thirteenth Five Year Plan" and Internet Plus Smart Energy Policies Interpretation

National Energy Administration (Inviting)


Perspective on the Future Smart Electric Systems

Klaus Fr?hlich,Past President, CIGRE (The International Council on Large Electric Systems)

1010 Coffee Break
1050 Practice and Experience of European Grid Cooperation
1125 Topic is confirming
1200 Key Recommendations for Both Evaluating and Implementing Large-Scale Interconnection and GEI
The GEI is an ambitious concept, but many of the building blocks of large-scale energy networks and an eventual GEI are available today. Large-scale Renewable Energy is a reality, and achievements in UHV power transmission are redrawing the boundaries of how much power can be cost-effectively transmitted and across what distances. Technologies on the horizon, will only expand this frontier further. Meanwhile, the vast potential for ICT and smart technologies in power systems has begun to be tapped.While the required technologies themselves are largely available or are in the pipeline, so what are the remaining challenges for large-scale, transcontinental or global energy interconnection? What are the barriers and challenges to be overcome as the process unfolds? The panel will explore a number of key recommendations for both evaluating and implementing large-scale interconnection and GEI.

Moderator:Richard Schomberg, IEC Ambassador for Smart Energy; EDF VP Smart Energy Standardization
1240 Lunch
DAY 1 Afternoon
1400 Interconnected Grid Development Plan of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd.

Standardization Strategy for a Dependable Energy Internet

Richard Schomberg, IEC Ambassador for Smart Energy; EDF VP Smart Energy Standardization

1510 Development of Energy Storage Technology
1545 Coffee Break

Energy Internet Technology Innovation Research

State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute


Key Technologies and Developing Pattern of Smart Distribution Networks

Zhao Ma
National Distinguished Expert of "1000-Elite Program"
Chief Expert - Smart Distribution Networks, China Electric Power Research Institute

1735 The Challenges of Large Scale Renewable Energy Access to Power Grids
1815 End of Day 1 Conference
DAY 2 Morning
0850 Conference Chair Opening Remark

What Opportunites and Challenges Energy Internet Brings to Power Companies Under China Power Reform?

Dongrong Wang,Policy Research Director of  China Power International Development Limited

0935 Case Study:E-Energy -Smart Energy Made In Germany
1010 Coffee Break

Energy Internet Pilot Projects Introduction in China

On June 2016, the chief economist at National Energy Administration pointed out that promoting the demonstration projects will be one important area of future work. On December, the National Energy Administration carrys out the declaration and selection of Internet Plus Smart Energy Demonstration Project, which means these projects will enter into the implementation stage in next step. We will invite the main partner who is deeply engaged in the projects to introduce and analyze.

1125 From Supply Driven to Demand Driven-How Digital Technology Changes Energy System Model?
1200 Panel Discussion:The Challenges and Opportunities for Enterprises at the Background of Energy Internet
1240 Lunch
DAY 2 Afternoon

The Developmenty of North-East Asia Super Grid Interconnection

Lei Xiaomeng, Senior advisor, China Electricity Council

1435 ICT Technology Promotes Energy Internet
1510 Coffee Break
1540 Energy Internet Investment Opportunity
1615 Multi-Energy Collaborative Management
1650 End of the Forum


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