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If you also want to be one of the speakers, please contact:
Keith VAN
Email: Keith.VAN@yipevents.com
Richard Schomberg
Ambassador for Smart Energy
IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)
Klaus Fr?hlich
Past President
Angarag Myagmar
Head of Renewable Energy Division
Ministry of Energy Mongolia
Faiz Mohammad Bhutta
Pakistan Renewable Academy&South Asian Experts Network on Renewable Energy
Dr.Ma Zhao
Chief Expert of Intelligent Power Distribution
China Electronic Power Research Institute
Dr.Ci Song
Research Director
Institute of Energy Internet Innovation (IEII), Tsinghua University
Dongrong Wang
Policy Research Director
China Power International Development Limited
Lei Xiaomeng
Senior advisor
China Electricity Council
Zhang Shiguo
Vice President & Secretary General
China New Energy International Alliance (CNEIA)
Dahai Kang
Energy Internet Director
Concord New Energy Group Limited
Ma Li
Enterprise Strategy Department Director
State Grid Energy Research Institute
Zhang Jian
Chief DC Expert
State Grid- Xuji Group
Jiang Ye
General Manager&Director
FANGRONG Technology & Shanghai Energy Interconnection Industry Alliance
Tao Ye
Deputy Director
Renewable Energy Development Center of ERI of NDRC
Xia Xiaobo
Deputy General Manager
Dr. Liu Dunnan
Energy Internet Center Director
North China Electric Power University
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