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Company introduction

China Renewable Energy Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘CNREMC’), which was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 51 million yuan, is an independent third-party company focusing on the management of new energy power plant assets. CNREMC’s main business includes new energy power plant operation and maintenance services, new energy power plant financial value-added services, new energy power plant agricultural management services, new energy power plant O&M products. CNREMC is the leading domestic innovation expert in power plant assets management.
Based on the independent innovation 360° full-scale power plant value-added management mode and the new energy industry development, CNREMC provides a full range of assets management services for power plants relying on rich experience in power plant management and being supported by a strong technical team and advanced power management concept. At the same time, on the premise of ensuring safe, stable and efficient operation of the entire power plant system which can be "known, measurable, controllable", CNREMC aims to maximize the benefits of investors, to enhance credit capacity for power plant assets trading, refinancing, asset securitization, etc. and to open up investment and financing channels. On this basis, with its own advantages and the opportunity of new energy and information industry development, CNREMC will develop green finance, Internet +, regional electricity sales and other innovative business, to make it China's first-class third-party company of new energy power plant assets management.
CNREMC has a professional management and technical team which is innovation-driven and focuses on high quality and efficiency. CNREMC upholds the business philosophy of "Integrity and Pragmatic, Win-Win Cooperation" and is committed to business alliances and strategic cooperation to achieve strong combination and complementary advantages!

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