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Company introduction

Anhui Antai technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Antai shares") was founded in 2001, August. In 2014 Antai formally listed on the new OTC market (stock code: 831063), became the first intelligent building enterprises in Anhui province.
Antai focuses on smart city construction and concentrates on two core areas of business development, “smart building" and "smart energy", to provide customers the top design and consultation, promote the smart city construction into content. 
Antai provides green building consulting, BIM applications, intelligent building, energy saving, new energy engineering, visualization and remote operations technology in whole life cycle of buildings— "smart building"— the overall solution,from construction level, enterprise level to the regional level of "intelligent energy management" as a whole solution , the energy saving renovation, energy audit and consulting of existing buildings, financing, design, implementation and operation management services.

Headquarters address: Times Cyberport 20-21 floor, 599 Huangshan Road, Hefei Anhui.
Postcode: 230088
Telephone: 0551-62643341/62643342/62643336
The fax: 0551-65590132
Mail box: antaiib@antaiib.com

Web Site:http://www.antaiib.com/


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